Kraley Productions has provided custom sounds, musical pieces, soundtrack scores, and even atmospheric compositions for art and video art installations. In movies, typically original composition and/or scores are credited as "[...] by Jason Kraley". The musical work that Jason Kraley creates is most often associated with the musical identity "Still Inertia", typically all pieces of music and/or compositional movements and arrangements are credited as "Performed by Still Inertia".

"Born Lucky" (2005)
Directed by Shahin Afnan

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"Perceptions" (Philadelphia, 2007)

"Perceptions" was a one night only multi-media fusion of Video Art & Photography by Jason Kraley, Environmental Lighting by Jason Coffman, Projection by Stephen Keever, Music by DJ Mike Trombley and Food by Village Coffee. It was established to celebrate and explore your "Perceptions" while embracing all lifestyles.

"From The Ancient Center: Mandala Drawings and Metal Sculptures" (Cleveland, 2005)
...Christine Siarka translates her own personal, contemporary versions of mandalas from the traditional Tibetan concept into amazing metal sculpturesque mandalas. Jason Kraley (a.k.a. Still Inertia), was commissioned to create music specifically for this exhibit and its installation. Working in the studio with Mike Williams (fretless bass) and Amanda North (ethereal vocalizations), this is the first time Still Inertia created an original 45 minute composition entirely concentrating on the human experience during meditation. With such great hope, the intention is for the listener to become aware of the moment in time they create... each time the composition is played in its entirety; a moment when nature and technology exist harmoniously. Ultimately, the piece became the second album for Still Inertia, presenting the public with a shockingly unexpected direction from Still Inertia's first album. The CDm entitled "From The Ancient Center" is available for purchase through Kraley Productions' record label: CRC Music.

"Touched" (Cleveland, 2003)
...A multi-media exhibition by Wild Plum Productions featuring 7 artists, including a 5-part musical composition submitted as an independent media piece as part of the exhibition itself, played continuously during the exhibition's open hours. The piece was a collaboration album entitled "Touched" by Jason Kraley and Mike Williams. The piece is available for purchase through Kraley Productions' record label: CRC Music.

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