Kraley Productions has had the honor and pleasure of working with many establishments, event planners, curators, artists, magazine editors and musicians who have requested (and/or commissioned) Jason Kraley to design flyers, advertisements, postcards, and event passes, as well as the greatest honor: album covers and music packaging design layouts. For any industry-printable graphic design work needed (including DVD authoring and DVD menu design, programming and functionality), please contact Kraley Products for consultation.

Below are just a few examples of various formats of graphic design work Jason Kraley has been involved with in just the past 7 years. Click on any piece to enlarge.

Printed Materials

"Perceptions" Event Poster
(Version 1)

"Anything Goes" DJ Event Poster

"Booty Call" After-Party Event Ad

"Perceptions" Event Poster
(Version 2)

"Final Days" Art Exhibit Flyer

"Still Inertia" CD Release Postcard

Cafe Noir: "Poetry Night" Ad

"Acoustic Thursday" Promo Flyer

"So Long, Jason" DJ Event Postcard

Album Cover & Music Packaging Design

Roto Visage:

Still Inertia:
"From The Ancient Center"

Jason Kraley &
Mike Williams:


DVD Cover & Packaging Design

Philadelphia Museum of Art:
"Victoria Wyeth Tour of Andrew Wyeth - Memory & Magic"

The Bootlickers:
"Live 2006"

Still Inertia:
"Closer To Me"