In case you were wondering, Jason Kraley is the man behind Kraley Productions. First it was art, then it was music. As Jason entered the third decade of his life, he had found himself wishing he could record what his eyes saw at certain times throughout his life. That's where the hunger for filmmaking and production had to be satiated.

"I have a vision of how things could look and sound, whether it's through filmmaking, web design, visual packaging and other forms of artistic (and pragmatic) presentations. In 2004, I started working with a Canon MiniDV camera and created a second studio... venturing into dedicated video and film creation and editing exploration. Suddenly I had so many projects that spanned various realms of media, I realized I needed a professional production identity for everything I created artistically, both personally and professionally, and let it evolve on its own."

Kraley Productions has been established online to convey Jason Kraley's vision in all those areas, including all video and film work (both personally and professionally for others), website design (both personally and professionally for others), graphic design (both personally and professionally for others), and offer custom (commissioned) musical services to those who require specific music for soundtracks, performances, exhibition atmospheres, et cetera.

This is all in the pursuit of personal purity, honesty
and truth in the spirit of art.

All forms of art.