Kraley Productions has covered and completed 11 finalized film and video projects. Jason Kraley is a self-taught camera operator, video editor, producer and director, and has completed music videos, documentarian work, live performance (both musical and theatrical) recordings, as well as his first ever video art installation piece entitled "Percerptions". Editing software includes Final Cut Pro HD 4.5, Adobe Premiere 6.5 and DVD Studio Pro 3.

          FILM ID: CR-V10

The last night of the 2007 Live Arts/Philly Fringe Festival's Late Night Cabaret (September 15, 2007) projected the premiere of the second annual top secret film Kraley Productions was graciously asked to create in front of the second largest audience ever for a Kraley Productions film. Directed and edited by Jason Kraley, this year the film took on a "mockumentary" version of NBC's (and BBC's) show entitled "The Office". The video is set in the new (and newly high-tech) Live Arts Box Office in Philadelphia. Starring Komal Kapoor, Amanda Grove, Lori Aghazarian, Becca Bernstein, Dom Chacon, Maya Choldin, Mike Dees, Jared Delaney, Jen Dillon, Karen DiLossi, Amanda Ditsky, Casey Gallagher, Tom Shotkin, Kate Tejada, and Jay Wahl, this film was shot in 7 hours and edited over the course of 5 exhaustive days. The ensemble of staff workers, actors and actresses, 2 cameras, 2 wireless microphones, and great improvisational action based on simple ideas written int he course of the previous week made this piece come alive and had the crowd unexpectedly laughing throughout a rather lengthy "spoken word" piece. This piece was musically saved by Toshio Mana and Gooding and edited on Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD. Much thanks to Stephen Keever (Executive Producer and Second Camera Operator/Super-Hero) and Maya Choldin (my first officially degreed Assistant Director). The piece runs 14 minutes, plus an additional 4 for credits offering a special bonus of "outtakes" and memorable clips during the "on set" shoot, filmed and edited between September 9-15. This DVD will be ready for online purchase in the next week.

          FILM ID: CR-V9

"Perceptions" is a piece of visual art meant to examine our perceptions of people, places and various environments. What do these visuals mean to you? Think of your own persecptions. This film was shot with a single camera and edited on Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD. This video features Michael Gaines, Lee Etzold, Koral Korrupt, Christine Siarka, Matheau David Moore and Jason Kraley and is Kraley Productions' first fully produced work for another person. Lighting specialist: Stephen Keever. This is Jason Kraley's first piece of "visual art" not meant as a movie with a specific plot (et cetera) and absolutely no dialogue. This video piece is now in the process of having ambient atmospheric sound and music by Still Inertia added to the piece for release to galleries interested in showing this as a video installation/exhibit, and will eventually have a proper intro and ending credits for release to the public for private purchase in 2008. Total editing time: 4 weeks.

          FILM ID: CR-V7

(6 minutes, 2006) The exclusive second music video for Still Inertia. It is the first new music video for a song called "Closer To Me" which is promoting the forthcoming third album entitled "Invested." This is the first film to have been converted into QuickTime format for viewing across the Internet. The Full quality DVD is for sale as well. Using footage spanning over 2 years in Cleveland, Ohio, the final lyrical pieces were shot in a day in Philadelphia, PA. Massive amounts of footage taken in Philadelphia were crunched down during pre-production to workable time-elapsed footage. This video explores the rather ever-changing emotional and mental health of someone who needs to get closer toward their own "within" before they are too far gone. It also demonstrates the continually evolving exploration of the creative boundaries of Still Inertia from its recent years. Fully edited on Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD and finalized with complete menu navigation on DVD Studio Pro 3. Total editing time: 3 weeks.

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          FILM ID: CR-V6

The last night of the 2006 Philly Fringe Live Arts Late Night Cabaret (September 16, 2006) debuted the top secret film Kraley Products was asked to create in front of the largest audience ever for a Kraley Productions film debut. Directed and produced by Jason Kraley, the film was a mixture of sharing the daily life of a volunteer at the ticket selling Box Office during the Philly Fringe Festivals, saying goodbye to the head supervisor of 10 years (Lori Aghazarian) and turning her into the daydreaming star equivalent to the relative idea of the movie Flashdance, back in 1983. The video is set to Irene Cara's song "Flashdance...What A Feeling" and the film was shot and edited over the course of 7 days. The ensemble of staff workers, actors and actresses, and 2 choreographers made this piece come alive and had the crowd laughing and screaming all the way through. This piece was shot with one camera with massive tripod movement and edited on Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD. The video stars way too many people to list here, however the credits offer a special bonus of "outtakes" and memorable clips during the "on set" shoot. Film runs just under 8 minutes and was filmed between September 7-11, 2006.

          FILM ID: CR-V5

"The Bootlickers Live 2006" was filmed using three cameras to capture a live performance of The Bootlickers on location at The Bikestop bar during the "Bears On Liberty Weekend 2006". There were (and still are) a limited number of special autographed editions of the DVD for sale each night from The Bootlickers. It's a great way to re-live the night, perhaps with less of a hangover for those that arrived a little late that night. Features John McNeill, June Bromley, Toshio Mana, Daniel Cartier, Jeremy Burton, Stacey Franklin, Dawn Marie, and Venice Cub. The DVD has a 90 minute main feature plus an additional 15 minutes of DVD extras. Though the film was shot over the coarse of 3 hours (May 13, 2006), the actual creation of the 90 minute feature with over 9 hours of footage captured kept Jason Kraley busy for over 8 weeks. This feature marks the first Kraley Productions DVD project and was fully edited using Final Cut Pro 4.5 with full DVD menu design, navigation and programming using DVD Studio Pro.

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          FILM ID: CR-V4

"Sunday Morning" was produced and edited by Jason Kraley in 2004. The song is by GOODING and appears off his 2000 album release "3X". The film was shot in the historical West Side Market in Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio. This market is over 100 years old and Jason was fortunate enough to explore and film the entire place during closed hours. This film was shot with a single camera and edited on Adobe Premiere 6.5. Video features Julia Rodewald and is Kraley Productions first fully produced work for another person.


(35 minutes, 2005) A documentary questioning why people like or dislike Cleveland, Ohio. Also explores the reasons why people have either moved or wish to move to or from another city. The film interviews Matt Cirino, Lori LaLonde, Shwag McGinty, Nicole Bryson, Jason Kraley, Sharon Camp, Mike Williams, Toni Marevold, Rocky and Cindy Pazzino.


(15 minutes, 2004) An experiment and follow-up to a documentary made in 1992. Documents what happened 12 years after making a home movie on such low quality equipment in 1992, but still acknowledging and exploring the reality that there is something about film and video that has been lurking in the shadows of Jason Kraley's brain. Also includes a video created for Racermason, as an experiment on editing with another music group's work. Features Jason Kraley, Sara Muratori and Lisa Anzic and music by Racermason, GOODING, Shwag McGinty and others.


(9 minutes, 2004) First music video for Still Inertia. Shot in 2 days. Originally edited fully on a Canon Optura 20, but later revised into "version 2" after working with Adobe Premiere 6.5. Total editing time: 1 week.


1812 Productions:

  • Archival recording and editing onto dvd for "Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life In The Universe" (Fall 2007)
  • Archival recording and editing onto dvd for "This Is The Week That Is: More Political Humor For The Holidays" (Dec 2007 - Jan 2008)
  • Video Design backdrop for the theatrical performance "Suburban Love Songs" at Plays & Players Theater, Philadelphia, PA (Apr 2008)
  • Archival recording and editing onto dvd for "Suburban Love Songs" (Apr 2008)
Jason Kraley is currently putting the finishing promotional touches for public release of his video installation piece entitled "Perceptions"on DVD for public gallery installation promotions as well as availability for purchase for home viewing. He is also preparing the finishing marketing touches for the public release of "The Box Office". He also has 2 open projects including a second music video for Still Inertia, the documentation of Christine Siarka's 2005 exhibition's end, and is contemplating a project documenting a reflection against his 8-hour documented footage journalling his geographic relocation from Cleveland to Philadelphia. (Only people who personally know Jason Kraley in Philadelphia are encouraged to contact him for participation in this project.)

Jason Kraley also has 2 film scripts rummaging through his mind from time to time. He is always looking for people who wish to be filmed in an acting (or non-acting) capacity (both spoken and non-spoken bits) to further "create that which has yet to be created.". If interested, please contact him through Kraley Productions.